Owl Lake Estate Resources

One of the most treasured aspects of Owl Lake and the adjoining estate are the peace and quiet, the serenity and seclusion, you can expect to greet you as you pull in. There’s a reason it’s so off the beaten path and that reason becomes abundantly clear as you approach – isolation. Sure, there are others who live on the other side of the lake, but more than 15,000 feet of shoreline is all yours to do with what you will.

This page is meant to inform you of some of the highlights in terms of outdoor recreation and the corresponding state licensing requirements – including hunting and fishing on your vast property. We’ve also included the nearest airport that boasts service for your flight, or for your own aircraft’s use. You would be well within your rights to simply build a helipad right onsite if you so choose, so the options for getting to and from your private piece of Northwoods glory are wide open.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is an excellent steward of the region’s natural wonders and partly responsible for the pristine nature of the wilderness surrounding Owl Lake Estate. Their tireless efforts will only serve to further enlighten you on the area’s diverse opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Hunt Wisconsin Site

Hunting is a huge recreational pastime in the Northwoods and, if you love to get out and enjoy the thrill, you’ll want to be up-to-speed on all the regulations governing the seasons on your Owl Lake property. Whether you’re after black bear, white-tailed deer, or any of the variety of waterfowl and game birds that pass through each year, you’ll definitely use the resources available on the government site to be sure you’re obeying all the appropriate federal and state laws.

Fish Wisconsin Site

Just like hunting, the Northwoods is a fisherman’s, or woman’s, dream come true. With a range of bottom conditions across the 137 acres of water, there’s no limit to the creativity you can use to land the big one. Panfish, which covers quite a few species, are abundant throughout the lake and largemouth bass and walleye can be found in sweet spots – once you’ve found them. You’ll also find musky and the occasional catfish.

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and, as such, it boasts some of the best anywhere. Owl Lake is no exception. There are miles of trails already there and, since it is your land, you can make as many new ones as you please. There are some rules for snowmobiling, just as with any motorized vehicle, so be sure to read the resources found at the link to ensure you’re safe and legal at all times.

ATV/UTV Riding in Wisconsin

Another excellent activity made even better by the beauty surrounding Owl Lake, ATVs are one of the best ways to explore the land surrounding your lodge and will become your preferred mode of travel if you love getting out and seeing the countryside. Again, like with any vehicle, there are rules and regulations for operating them in public spaces and on roadways, so be sure to check that your family meets the minimum requirements and, as always, rides safely.

Boating in Wisconsin

Find all sorts of valuable information about boating on Owl Lake. Wisconsin has some rules that may apply when on the water, so take a moment and familiarize yourself with any regulations – like the minimum age for operating personal watercraft – that will have impact on your experiences.

Directions to Nearest Airport

While not O’Hare, the Iron County Airport does offer service in and out of the region. There’s also a fuel supply for visiting aircraft and space for vertical takeoff and landing in your helicopter of choice. The list of small, local airports is considerable though most are either unattended or closed at certain times of year.