Owning Traditional American History

To walk, unbarred, through country which nature has spent millions of years perfecting, to know that every bough and blade of grass is yours for as long as you see fit, to find yourself called back to your own piece of heaven – this is beyond the reach of 99% of people on the planet. But, it’s not beyond you. No, you can afford to take this property into your life and let it sing its sweet song to you and your family as it has to all those before you – for as long as you desire. It’s your secret to keep close to your heart, or share with your friends and colleagues.

Imagine having a world all your own. A world where only those you wish to can find you and only when you wish them to do so. That’s what Owl Lake Estate is – your private, peaceful escape from the noise and confusion that is the modern world. There’s no doubt that, with your impressive accomplishments, that you could benefit from a world apart. You can find your escape in the hills and woodlands of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Make the shoreline and vistas of Owl Lake your very own and close the noise, the stress, and the incessant interruptions behind.

No matter what the season, or what your outdoor delight, Owl Lake has something to offer you that’s unlike any place else. If fishing is your way of relaxing, then this is the best place on the planet for you. Owl Lake is 120+ acres of privacy and peace filled to overflowing with largemouth bass, muskie, pike, and panfish. The shoreline and bottom range from boggy to sand, so your favorite lure will always be welcome in these waters, and the ambience – the tranquil seclusion – will make every catch better than the last.

Do you love to hunt? Would you enjoy leading a hunting party of your friends and family? Owl Lake Estate’s 297 acres is home to deer, bear, grouse, loon, and much more and it’s your land, so as long as you do so legally, you can hunt to your heart’s content on a nearly year-round basis. There’s incredible hiking and viewing trails as well, so if there’s a group who’d rather shoot images they’ll find the property a photographer’s paradise with bald eagle, owl, and more to capture in the lens.

Do you enjoy winter sports? While this is the Midwest, and comparisons with the Swiss Alps aside, there is some very nice downhill skiing found very close by – as well as first-class snowmobiling all over the property. Cross-country skiers will be thrilled with the miles and miles of trails to ski all winter long. If the weather cooperates, you can even ice skate if you choose. In fact, outside of owning in the Alps or Aspen, which will cost you ten times the price, you can have the best of all worlds by buying your own wonderland – all year long.

There are expensive moves to be made in life – risks to be taken. Yet, this property isn’t one of them. There’s no risk whatsoever in owning Owl Lake Estate. It’s a sure thing and your enjoyment, your bliss in being here, that’s not a chance you’ll take by visiting – it’s a fact of ownership. Literally, you can own something no one else on earth can own – the history and uniqueness that is Owl Lake Estate.

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