Water Fowl

Water Fowl

One of Wisconsin’s most treasured natural resources are the tremendous number of water fowl that call the state home at one point of the year or another – not to mention the wide range of species. These birds are a hunter’s dream and represent exciting mornings and thrilling evenings on your own private waterway. From puddle and diving duck species, to geese and coots, the woodlands and waterways surrounding Owl Lake Estate are teeming with birds during the warmer months and will even harbor species in transit during the winter as well.

If you’re a birdwatcher or a hunter of any kind, you’ll never find a more peaceful place to spend your time waiting patiently for that rush of excitement that comes with taking the shot. It doesn’t even matter whether you hit one or not when you get so much joy from simply being outdoors on the property you love. You’ll find reasons to get out there – sighting your rifle, the odd chance flyby, or just the peace and quiet you know awaits you in your blind on the shoreline – your shoreline. And you’ll never tire of scouting out new spots on the 3 miles of shoreline you own, or the 297 acres of land you can choose from. So, make this paradise yours and never wonder what it would feel like to be one with nature again. At Owl Lake, you’ll know after the very first day.

Wild Turkey

In modern America, we think most often of the turkey in association with a certain November holiday and, aside from an occasional turkey club, we never think of the bird again. That’s a real shame, however, as the turkey truly is an American wonder – enough so that Benjamin Franklin himself wanted it to serve as the National Symbol. So, while you can marvel at your bald eagles – and you can see those on Owl Lake, too – the turkey shouldn’t take a backseat to anything. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a turkey hunt for yourself, this is the right place for you. The success story that is Wisconsin conservation can be illustrated perfectly by the year-by-year increase in wild turkey populations.

There are few hunts that compare to the turkey hunt in terms of necessary skill and cleverness. Turkeys, unlike what you may have heard, are not stupid creatures. It takes an understanding of nature and one’s place in it to truly become a successful turkey hunter – especially in woodlands like Owl Lake. The acreage surrounding the lake is a mecca for game birds and turkeys are no exception. But, and this is the real beauty of turkey hunting, you may come home without a bird for one simple reason – you decided to keep the shell in the chamber and let the natural world show you an incredible day instead.

Black Bear

For many Americans, bears are a symbol of wildness and freedom, of power and adaptability. Black bears, while smaller than their brown relatives, are still an impressive big game species – equally thrilling to see and photograph as they are to hunt. When you own Owl Lake Estate and the surrounding acreage, you have some of the best black bear range in all of Wisconsin and that’s saying something – populations have been on the rise since 2010. That’s excellent new for the environment around Owl Lake as bears are one of the indicators biologists use to determine the relative health of an ecosystem.

Hunting black bear – whether for an image or a trophy – is an exercise in patience and skill. This isn’t something for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart. You need to come to know the woods, feel their breathing, and understand their moods – that’s when you’ll find your bear. It’s a commitment to proving yourself the equal to the rigors of the hunt, to outsmarting the outdoors – if only for a moment. It’s knowing, like you know the sound of your own voice, what’s around the next pine or over the next rise. It’s relearning what you may have lost along the way in life. You can get it back if you have the will and the means. You can get it back in the Northwoods – a place to remember what living really feels like.

White-Tailed Deer

There are few things as beautiful and impactful as spotting a big white-tailed deer in the wild. It’s just as powerful when you’re only viewing it as it is if you’ve been waiting in a tree stand for hours. It represents majestic natural beauty and the object of many a hunters’ dreams. To search out the trophy of a lifetime with nothing but your knowledge of the land and skill, to land it after stalking for hours or days, is to understand what it has meant to be alive for millennia of human history. It’s getting back in touch with what makes you a part of the world and reconnects you to that sense of belonging to something greater than yourself, your business, your city.

When you own so much land in such a wondrous, magical place, you’ll find yourself drawn back time and again in search of the elusive buck you’ve always dreamed of landing. It’s here and waiting, but it won’t be easy. It’ll take everything you have inside, everything you used to get to the top, and in return, if you’re willing to learn, it’ll give you thrills, humility, and a profound sense of accomplishment unlike anything you’ve felt since the first days of your success. Come and know the feeling for yourself on this gorgeous stretch of green and blue hidden, like a gem, in Northern Wisconsin. A gem that can be yours for far less than you ever thought possible.