The History of Owl Lake Estate

There are differences between owning a home and owning a piece of America’s past. When you own a piece of history, you have a direct connection to the world as it once was – a place far removed from the world we live in. There’s a palpable sense of yesterday all around Owl Lake and it permeates the lodge and its surrounds.  You’ll feel it when you step into the woods or look through the clear glass at the calm waters. You’ll hear the laughter and the whispers of times long gone and, for the briefest of moments now and again, forget that you live in the now as you’re swept up in a torrent of memory and opulence long since left behind by our prepackaged world. Yes, Owl Lake is a world away from modernity and much closer to what it really means to be alive, to be human, and to have it all.

Whether it’s over dinner and cocktails, enjoyed at the same table as some of the pillars of 20th Century America dined, or on the waters with a rod in your hand fishing for the same thrills that titans of industry, finance, and government did so many years ago, you’ll feel an almost magical, emotional connection to the woods, the waters, and the wildlife. You’ll get lost in the nostalgia of times remembered fondly and add to the rich history with your own family exploits and adventures. This is land you’ll want in your family for generations – just as those before you did. And, it can all be yours – the historic significance, the rich fabric of family life, the magic and mystery of nature – for far less than you might imagine. This Eitel Bros masterpiece is waiting for you in Northern Wisconsin.