Owl Lake Estate Guest Cottage

“The ornaments of your home will be the guests frequent it.” Author Unknown

When you own something as wonderful and rewarding as Owl Lake Estate, you want to share it with all those closest to you. You want them to share the same experiences, to see the same sights, and to feel the same emotions stirring as you do when you’re on the property. And, with a five bedroom main lodge, there’s always room for guests to spend the night in comfort. But, sometimes, you want to provide a bit more privacy for your guests than can be had sharing the main lodge – even considering its size.

As Maarten Maartens once said, “Staying with people consists in your not having your own way, and their not having theirs.” Mr. Maartens never visited Owl Lake Estate. For those times, and for those specific guests who need their space, Owl Lake Estate boasts a two bedroom guest cottage with all the amenities they’ll need to be comfortable – including full kitchen, full bathroom, and plenty of room for relaxing.

There’s no question that, for adults at least, having a guest cottage right on the property makes inviting guests a much easier proposition – especially for city-dwellers. The cottage provides the same wilderness lodge feeling with the added benefit that your guests can choose their own morning and evening routines without worrying about bothering you or the other in-house guests. It’s the perfect way to introduce your guests to the magic that is Owl Lake without asking them to give up their privacy in the process. It also opens the door to bringing large groups – including your entire family – together for special occasions on your sprawling estate. After all, an ancient Turkish Proverb tells us, “Guests bring good luck with them.”

Owl Lake Estate is a historic, classic American hunting lodge built by Robert Eitel, of Chicago’s Bismarck Hotel, in 1935. This lodge and its six outbuildings are situated on 52 acres of pristine hardwood forest with access to Owl Lake – a127-acre private waterway. There are an additional 245 acres of land surrounding the estate for sale as well. This is truly a unique property with a rich, vibrant history only matched by its rugged, natural beauty.

This is the perfect place to entertain, to give guests a taste of the romance and tradition, the history and significance of Owl Lake Estate. And, it can all be yours for far less than you ever imagined.