Finding the Balance - Owl Lake

It’s early June and the sun is just rising above the quiet waters of Owl Lake. A gentle breeze blows in from the east with the smell of dew and pine strong on the air. It’s a morning made for quiet reflection and solitude. It’s a morning made for a deer hunt.

It began just after 4:00am when you made a quick breakfast on the commercial range – just some eggs and strong coffee to shake the cobwebs of working too hard the last few weeks. It’s tough being the one everyone comes to for answers, for guidance, for help. Sometimes it’s better to answer only to oneself and let go the demands the world places on your shoulders – to realize your alive in a world that breathes whether you notice it or not.

For you, finding the balance is essential. You combat stress and anxiety – not yours but others – all day to keep what you do relevant and necessary to the people you lead and the wider world around you – the world of fast-paced objectives and high-risk goals. The balance you seek is impossible to find there. No, you long ago figured out that for someone who can have anything, it’s the things everyone has but ignores that you treasure: the trees and the water, the grass and the clouds, the birds and the beasts. All of these beckon to you. They pulled you from bed this very morning – to chase the balance you crave.

So, as the ten-point buck steps into view, you’re not too eager. You don’t flinch as the rifle moves to your shoulder. No, for you, this is the moment you bought the Eitel Lodge for. It’s the reason you come to Wisconsin every year at exactly this time. It’s the balance. And, as you draw back the trigger, you smile understanding the stress and anxiety the world throws at you means nothing when compared to this ultimate moment – that moment when you and the natural world you inhabit find each other once more. That moment, that penultimate conversation between you and majesty – is why you’d pay the price to own Owl Lake all over again. And, do so happily.

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