Buying a Piece of History - Owl Lake

There are many people, untold thousands in fact, that can afford to purchase a property of this magnitude. There are numerous reasons to buy, not the least of which is the land itself, but for the select few, the interested parties with perspective, there’s an entirely different reason that will stand out to their discerning eye – the history.

Owl Lake Estate was built in 1932 by Robert Eitel – he of Bismarck Hotel and Eitel’s Restaurant fame. Yes, the Eitel brothers built a great empire in the Chicago hotel and restaurant businesses. They created an opulence not found outside of the East Coast in the heart of the Midwest at the Bismarck Hotel – today known as the Allegro. They were fortunate in their choice of industry as the Great Depression ravaged all around them, they continued to prosper.

One of the truly unique aspects of this property is the ties it still maintains to that wondrous period of excess and extravagance that preceded the Second World War. When you sit down to dinner in Owl Lake Estate, you eat off the very same china that served countless pillars of industry, government, and finance. Chicago’s elite share your table every single night and sipped from the very same stemware as your guests. Few homes can match that type of historic significance – especially for less than most first-time home purchases.

Robert Eitel was known as a passionate duck hunter and avid outdoorsman in the style of the early 20th Century. It was this love for nature and outdoor recreation that drove him to purchase the land surrounding Owl Lake a build a classic hunting lodge where he and his compatriots could relax and spend time amid the hardwoods and wildlife. The entire property, from the 5 bedroom main lodge to the 2 bedroom guest cottage, is constructed to put guests at their ease and give a real feeling of solitude and isolation from the noisy, frantic nature of modern urban life.

One trip to the property, one walkthrough, and you’ll know this place is for you. When the history calls softly, when it whispers in your ear, when you know the magic of another world far away from the maddening crowds, you’ll understand that this incredible place is a steal at twice the price. Then, as you put distance between yourself and the forest, the lake, and the peace, you’ll realize that you cannot let this property escape you. It must be yours. When that time comes, we invite you to take the history and tradition of this estate into your own responsibility and make of it what you will. It’s all yours if you want it badly enough.

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