Historic American Lodge

Private Owl Lake access on 52 acres.

$985,000 Listing


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The Perfect Wilderness Getaway

Over half a mile of water frontage
5 bedrooms – each with private deck
Private, 2-bedroom guest cottage
Built by the Bismarck Hotel family
Hunting & Fishing Paradise

Owl Lake Estate - 5BR & 3.5BA on 52 Acres

A Part of the Wilderness

The classic lodge almost grows out of the promontory overlooking the calm waters of Owl Lake. The peace and quiet is almost palpable.

Historic – Unique – Beautiful

Built by the Eitel Bros, the same ones who built the Bismarck Hotel in Chicago, this cabin is a palace among the hardwoods with rich history infusing every vista.

The Past & Present Meet

With internet & cable, this is one wilderness lodge that has your connectivity covered. You can be as up-to-date as you desire, or unplug for a true “away-from-it-all” feeling.

Plenty of Room For

With five bedrooms in the main house, and another two in the guest cottage, Owl Lake Estate has more than enough accommodations for you and all of your guests. From the original Bismarck Hotel china and stemware, to the beautifully adorned dining room and great room, this is a lodge built for entertaining.

Unmatched Vistas

There will never be a shortage of amazing views to be found from the myriad balconies, porches & windows scattered throughout the estate. You’ll be awestruck by the sunrise and sunset as viewed from your own piece of Northwoods bliss.

So Many Things to See

With all of the natural wonders found on the property, and the outdoors pursuits you’ll have access to, there’s never a dull moment at Owl Lake Estate. You can fill your days with activity, or do the opposite and enjoy the peace & quiet for as long as you wish. The choice is yours.

Owl Lake Estate & Land Details

Owl Lake Estate
Property:  2,688 SF
Rooms: 5BR-3.5BA
Acres:  52
Price: $985,000
Estate - Guest House
Guest House  House & Storage
Boat: 1
ATV: 2
Snowmobile: 1
Owl Lake Acreage
Private Lake: Land
Water Frontage:  12,000 ft.
Acres: 245+
Price: $1,8 Million
Estate & Acreage
Estate & Acreage:
Frontage: 3 Miles
Area: 297+ Acres
Price: $2,785,000

Our Local Agent - Adam Redman

Owl Lake Estate Hunting & Fishing